YOGYAKARTA (often also called Jogja, Yogya, or Yogyakarta) is located in the middle of Java Island - Indonesia, where everything was cheap.Enough with the Rp.200.000 a day, you can stay, eat traditional cuisine of the famous, and rent a bike to explore the beaches are still virgin and ancient temples thousands of years old. Borobudur This is what founded the Kingdom of Borobudur temple which is the largest Buddhist temple in the world, 300 years before Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Other relics are the temple of Prambanan, Ratu Boko Palace, and dozens of other temples that have been restored and are still buried under the ground. But by some mysterious reason, the Ancient Mataram Kingdom central government moved to East Java in the 10th century.Magnificent temples were abandoned and partially buried by the eruption of Mount Merapi material.Slowly, the Yogyakarta region went back into the thick forest. Six hundred years later, Panembahan Senopati establish Islamic Mataram kingdom in this region. Once again Yogyakarta to witness the history of empire that controls the island of Java and its surroundings. Islamic Mataram Kingdom has left a trail of ruins of the citadel and royal tombs in Kotagede now known as a center for silver in Yogyakarta Puppet Show Giyanti agreement in 1755 dividing the kingdom of Mataram Islam became Kasunan Surakarta, based in the city of Solo and Yogyakarta Sultanate who founded the palace in the city of Yogyakarta. Kraton (palace) was still standing until now and still serves as a residence sultan and his family, complete with hundreds of courtiers who voluntarily run a tradition in the midst of changing times. At the palace, every day there are cultural performances of wayang kulit performances, gamelan, Javanese dance, etc. (see Schedule of Events). Yogyakarta at the present is a place of tradition and modern dynamics go hand in hand. In Yogyakarta there are courts with hundreds of courtiers loyal to the tradition, but also there is the University of Gadjah Mada University, which is one of the leading universities in Southeast Asia. In Yogyakarta, some people living in an agrarian culture is thick, but there are also the student with life-style pop. In Yogyakarta there are traditional markets and handicrafts while standing next to the mall, no less hectic. Beach Sundak At the north end of Yogyakarta, you will see Mount Merapi stands proudly as high as 9738 feet. This mountain is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Traces the fierce eruption of Mount Merapi in 2006 and can be witnessed in the village of Kaliadem, 30 km from the city of Yogyakarta. Landscape style Mooi Indiƫ green expanse of rice fields and Mount Merapi in the background can still be seen on the outskirts of the city of Yogyakarta. In the southern part of Yogyakarta, you will find many beaches. The most famous beach is Parangtritis with legend Nyi Roro Kidul, Yogyakarta but also has natural beaches in Gunung Kidul beautiful. You can see Sadeng which is a primordial Solo River estuary before a powerful tectonic forces lifted the surface of the southern island of Java so that the flow of the river turned to the north like today. You also can visit the beach which has 250 channels Siung rock climbing, Beach Sundak, and others (see Beaches). Malaysia has the world's tallest twin towers, Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta has a towering 47 meters tall and is made by hand 1100 years earlier. Singapore has a modern life, Yogyakarta has a traditional agrarian society. Thailand and Bali has beautiful beaches, Yogyakarta has natural beaches and Mount Merapi, which saves the story of how powerful the forces of nature. A unique combination of ancient temples, history, tradition, culture, and the forces of nature make Yogyakarta is well worth a visit. diytransport.blogspot.com sites will help you plan a visit to Yogyakarta and enjoy the best charm of this place. We provide abundant information about the sights, star hotels, cheap hotels, restaurants, food stalls, travel agents, rental car and all the information you need to travel to Yogyakarta / Jogja. Free Web Site Counters
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Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Jadwal Penerbangan Hari Ini

Jadwal Penerbangan Hari Ini
Klik di sini untuk melihat Jadwal Penerbangan Dalam Satu Minggu

Penerbangan Dari Tujuan Jam* Maskapai
JT-561 Denpasar Yogyakarta 06.30 Lion Air
GA-241 Denpasar Yogyakarta 06.35 Garuda
JT-562 Jakarta Yogyakarta 07.15 Lion Air
7P-324 Balikpapan Yogyakarta 07.55 Batavia
QZ - 7340 Jakarta Yogyakarta 07.00 Air Asia
GA-201 Yogyakarta Jakarta 06.05 Garuda
JT-560 Yogyakarta Surabaya 06.05 Wings Air
MZ-708 Yogyakarta Ujung Pandang 06.05 Merpati
MZ-327 Yogyakarta Ujung Pandang 06.10 Merpati
GA-202 Jakarta Yogyakarta 07.10 Garuda
GA-251 Denpasar Yogyakarta 08.10 Garuda
JT-561 Yogyakarta Jakarta 07.00 Lion Air
IW-901 Denpasar Yogyakarta 08.00 Wings Air
QZ-7341 Yogyakarta Jakarta 07.25 Air Asia
JT-552 Jakarta Yogyakarta 08.35 Wings Air
GA-203 Yogyakarta Jakarta 07.35 Garuda
GA-204 Jakarta Yogyakarta 08.45 Garuda
IW-8904 Jakarta Yogyakarta 08.50 Wings Air
7P-332 Balikpapan Yogyakarta 09.55 Batavia
3Y-760 Jakarta Yogyakarta 09.00 Kartika
7P-232 Yogyakarta Pontianak 08.20 Batavia
IW-904 Jakarta Yogyakarta 09.35 Wings Air
7P-567 Yogyakarta Batam 08.30 Batavia
GA-540 Yogyakarta Balikpapan 08.40 Garuda
7P-324 Yogyakarta Jakarta 08.40 Batavia
MH 857 Kuala Lumpur Yogyakarta 10.50 Malaysia
IW-901 Yogyakarta Jakarta 08.50 Wings Air
GA-205 Yogyakarta Jakarta 09.20 Garuda
JT-553 Yogyakarta Jakarta 09.25 Wings Air
IW-8907 Yogyakarta Jakarta 09.25 Wings Air
3Y-761 Yogyakarta Jakarta 09.30 Kartika
GA-206 Jakarta Yogyakarta 10.30 Garuda
7p-232 Pontianak Yogyakarta 11.40 Batavia
JT-558 Jakarta Yogyakarta 11.00 Lion Air
GA-420 Jakarta Yogyakarta 11.05 Garuda
GA-253 Denpasar Yogyakarta 12.00 Garuda
GA-208 Jakarta Yogyakarta 12.10 Garuda
GA-207 Yogyakarta Jakarta 11.05 Garuda
MH 856 Yogyakarta Kuala Lumpur 11.40 Malaysia
GA-420 Yogyakarta Mataram 11.45 Garuda
GA-247 Denpasar Yogyakarta 12.50 Garuda
7P-327 Jakarta Yogyakarta 13.50 Batavia
GA-210 Jakarta Yogyakarta 13.50 Garuda
GA-209 Yogyakarta Jakarta 12.45 Garuda
GA-252 Yogyakarta Denpasar 12.55 Garuda
IW-907 Yogyakarta Jakarta 12.55 Wings Air
7P-231 Pontianak Yogyakarta 15.30 Batavia
AK 1004 Kuala Lumpur Yogyakarta 15.35 Air Asia
MZ-324 Bandung Yogyakarta 15.00 Merpati
7P-325 Jakarta Yogyakarta 15.30 Batavia
GA-212 Jakarta Yogyakarta 15.30 Garuda
GA-421 Mataram Yogyakarta 15.25 Garuda
GA-211 Yogyakarta Jakarta 14.25 Garuda
7P-568 Batam Yogyakarta 16.45 Batavia
QZ-7344 Jakarta Yogyakarta 16.05 Air Asia
MZ-325 Yogyakarta Bandung 15.00 Merpati
7P-323 Yogyakarta Balikpapan 15.05 Batavia
JT-550 Jakarta Yogyakarta 16.15 Lion Air
7P-331 Yogyakarta Balikpapan 15.35 Batavia
BO-242 Banjarmasin Yogyakarta 16.50 Bouraq
7P-232 Yogyakarta Balikpapan 15.40 Batavia
7P-231 Yogyakarta Surabaya 16.00 Batavia
AK 1005 Yogyakarta Kuala Lumpur 16.05 Air Asia
GA-213 Yogyakarta Jakarta 16.05 Garuda
GA-421 Yogyakarta Jakarta 16.05 Garuda
QZ-7345 Yogyakarta Jakarta 16.30 Air Asia
QZ-7346 Yogyakarta Jakarta 16.30 Air Asia
GA-214 Jakarta Yogyakarta 17.40 Garuda
7P-321/R Jakarta Yogyakarta 18.40 Batavia
MZ-709 Ujung Pandang Yogyakarta 19.40 Merpati
MZ-666 Surabaya Yogyakarta 18.50 Merpati
GA-541 Balikpapan Yogyakarta 20.35 Garuda
IW-569 Surabaya Yogyakarta 19.10 Wings Air
GA-249 Denpasar Yogyakarta 19.10 Garuda
GA-216 Jakarta Yogyakarta 19.20 Garuda
7P-321 Jakarta Yogyakarta 19.15 Batavia
GA-215 Yogyakarta Jakarta 18.15 Garuda
JT-555 Yogyakarta Jakarta 18.35 Lion Air
JT-569/R Surabaya Yogyakarta 19.50 Wings Air
GA-255 Denpasar Yogyakarta 19.50 Garuda
JT-568 Jakarta Yogyakarta 20.00 Lion Air
IW-926 Jakarta Yogyakarta 20.25 Wings Air
GA-218 Jakarta Yogyakarta 20.25 Garuda
GA-254 Yogyakarta Denpasar 19.35 Garuda
GA-217 Yogyakarta Jakarta 19.55 Garuda
JT-568 Yogyakarta Denpasar 20.30 Lion Air
IW-926 Yogyakarta Denpasar 20.45 Wings Air
*. Jam keberangkatan/kedatangan di Jogja

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